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2018 High-power all-fiber ultra-low noise laser

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Jian Zhao1,6 · Germain Guiraud1,2 · Christophe Pierre3 · Florian Floissat1 · Alexis Casanova1,5 · Ali Hreibi4 ·
Walid Chaibi4 · Nicholas Traynor2 · Johan Boullet3 · Giorgio Santarelli1

1 Laboratoire Photonique, Numérique et Nanosciences (LP2N), IOGS-CNRS-Université de Bordeaux, 33405 Talence, France
2 Azur Light Systems, Av. de la Canteranne 33600 Pessac, France
3 ALPhANOV, 1 Rue Fran?ois Mitterrand 33405 Talence, France
4 Laboratoire ARTEMIS, UMR 7250 Université C?te d’Azur-CNRS-Observatoire de la C?te d’Azur, 06304 Nice, France
5 Amplitude-Systemes, 11 Avenue de la Canteranne 33600 Pessac, France
6 Present Address: MOE Key Laboratory of Fundamental Physical Quantities Measurement, School of Physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,
1037 Luoyu Rd., Wuhan 430074, China

High-power ultra-low noise single-mode single-frequency lasers are in great demand for interferometric metrology. Robust,
compact all-fiber lasers represent one of the most promising technologies to replace the current laser sources in use based on
injection-locked ring resonators or multi-stage solid-state amplifiers. Here, a linearly polarized high-power ultra-low noise
all-fiber laser is demonstrated at a power level of 100 W. Special care has been taken in the study of relative intensity noise
(RIN) and its reduction. Using an optimized servo actuator to directly control the driving current of the pump laser diode,
we obtain a large feedback bandwidth of up to 1.3 MHz. The RIN reaches ? 160 dBc/Hz between 3 and 20 kHz.


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